Book Publication

Research suggests that among transgender youth, "one third have considered suicide and about 1 in 5 have made a serious attempt".

"Transgender and gender variance was 3-4x more likely when Autism was present".

"6 Key Components effective behavioral health treatment for transgender identity and gender dysphoria"


Inspiration For The Book

I was inspired to write this book from my own family experience of watching a loved one make this painful journey. Seeing this, led me to purposefully seek and support those on the fringes of society who struggle to fit in and often suffer the most. Be that with people of color, people with disabilities, women and/or LGBTQ, I believe their voices matter and deserve to heard. Their struggle should be understood and their contributions to society embraced.

We are stronger with diversity, not division. 


Providing What You Need To Know


Medical Community:

  • This book provides continuing education regarding the journey of transgender identity in patients and their families. 


  • A clear research based guide to understanding the diagnosis, history, support and treatments available. 

​Schools and Organizations

  • Guidance in assessing policy, risks and supports