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E-IQ is a method of learning the concepts of emotional intelligence. 

Developed by Dr Jones, it involves principles of psychology, learning theory, and cultural awareness. 

It uses 1 on 1 consultation and game play to teach emotional intelligence in a fun and engaging way.

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A Game for Emotional Intelligence

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E-IQ (TM): Portfolio


The world's ONLY game for Emotional Intelligence designed by an expert in child mental health!!!


  • Emotional Intelligence is essential to EVERY aspect of our lives. 

  • One of the first things I always gauge is the level of Emotional Intelligence and find that many really struggle in this area.

  • So I designed E-IQ (TM) to teach Emotional Intelligence in kids and adults!​​

  • It learning in a fun and non-threatening way!!!

  • The game is based on my experience working as Licensed Clinical Psychologist.​


  • E-IQ (TM) can be used at home for families or friends, in the classroom, business or in therapy.

  • The purpose of the game is to increase your emotional lexicon and identify coping skills so you can apply daily life!!!

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E-IQ Help Center

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I Play?

Game play involves using color coded emotion categories. Players are asked to identify, engage and use coping skills in play.

Can it be used for play or therapy?

Yes! The game is designed for families, adults, or groups ages 5+. It can be used at home or in treatment!

Can my school or company use the game?

Yes, we offer trainings for E-IQ and use the game for some of it. Please email us if you are interested!

Alternative methods of play.

The game has alternative methods including:

  • The use of numbers on the die or colors.

  • Relationship Add On for couples

  • Business Add On for workplace environment

  • More information available soon!!

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