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How Does Dr. Jones Define Emotional Intelligence or E-IQ?

Emotional Intelligence, Emotion Quotient (EQ) or Emotion Intellectual Quotient (E-IQ) are all references to the same idea. In the education field it is known as Social Emotional Learning. The disciplines vary in the exact definition but they all generally involve an individual's ability to identify, manage and apply knowledge of emotions in self and others. This is observed by emotional control, empathy, self awareness social skills, leadership qualities, conflict management etc. Depending if you are referring to yourself or others, the observer qualities can vary. I talk about this more in depth in the article below.

However, when thinking of E-IQ or emotional intelligence, these traditional definitions overlook the importance of culture, psychology and development. Therefore, my view and approach is VERY different than any other approach because I consider all of these in my method and interventions.

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